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Paradise Island
Clubmed Bahamas Paradise Island ****
Varadero Golf Club


Language: English
Time Zone: MEZ minus 5 minutes
Travel requirements: Passports (including children's passports) must still be valid for a minimum of 6 months after day of departure.
In the case of short stopovers or private visits within the USA, please check regulations of the country concerned.
Medical requirements: No compulsory requirements necessary. We do however recommend protection against tetanus and polio for those of you who haven't had them renewed within the last 10 years. Protection against Hepatitis A and B is also worth while.
As stated April 1999.
Currency: The carrying of local currency when entering the country is not permitted. The carrying out of local currency is limited to 70 B$ p/person.
The local currency is the Bahaman dollar (B$) = 100 cents. 1 B$ = approx. 1,84 DM.
As stated April 1999.

General enquiries by email to : Mailkontakt

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